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Biodiversity impact


and richness of flora

Signs of natural environment preservation are present. Extinct species are back.

The most obvious evidence can be seen on natural meadows. Reappearance of clover is the first sign observed by farmers after abandoning the conventional fertilization methods and using MM’s process. Even after years of chemical fertilization or manure spreading, nature reasserts itself. The difference between two meadows―one with chemical fertilizers and the other one with MM’s process―can be easily seen. The Aubrac plateau, located in a mid-mountain zone and famous for its rich flora, is a typical example. Some breeders have seen the reappearance and the development of extinct plants or plants that had become few for long.


Results of experiments performed by Sobac:


Method recommended by ENITA of Clermont-Ferrand


Impact study following the use of BACTERIOSOL® - BACTERIOLIT® Marcel Mézy’s process on permanent grasslands (synthesis of initial results)


Flora diversity and density of meadows in wetlands
- Study performed in 2004 in Aveyron
Flora diversity of meadows on the Aubrac plateau
- Study performed in 2004 in Aveyron in zones of altitude
(download PDF file - FR)


Some farmers’ testimonies on the effects of MM’s process on the land and meadow flora (Sobac Users - Trademarks BACTERIOSOL® BACTERIOLIT® and BACTERIOLIT CONCENTRE®):


BEEF CATTLE - Cantal - Breeder: GAEC du Puy de Banes
"Many legumes we had that had disappeared have grown again. Many flowers are back too. We had no more of all of this."


BEEF CATTLE - Indre - Breeder: La Ferme d'Azé (FR)
"Now, with hindsight, I’d say we have more legumes. On plots with a three-year Bactériosol®, we have more clover, medick, elements that give value to the meadow."


BEEF CATTLE - Ariège - Breeder: EARL Les Granges (FR)
"There’s a change in flora, we see clover growing, and grass growing later but regularly."

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